Field Trips

Different Field Trips were arranged to meet the wide range of participants` interest, they will remember for the rest of their lives.
The fee is US$ 25 per filed trip including lunch and English-speaking guide during the visit.
All field trips will be started at 14:30 Monday 18 March 2019, from the conference venue Minia University Center for Arts and Letters, Minia University Campus, El-Minia.
The duration of these trips will be ~ 5 hours.

Code Number Code Name Description
FT1 Sides Agricultural Research and Experimental Station belong to Agriculture Research Center (Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation), Seeds, Beny Sweif Governorate. 90 Km north of El-Minia city. Sides station is the biggest agricultural research station in Upper Egypt with different crops and animal production and breeding programs esp. wheat and maize, Cotton ginning, Seed Cleaning and Filling Station and a Station for Agriculture Machines.
FT2 Shosha The conference participants will have sceneries to view typical desert conditions interrupted occasionally by isolated man engineered dark green vegetation. This abruptly phases into intensive agriculture in the center of which is Minia University. The multiple level of use of River Nile waters will send great lessons to all, besides the memorable culture of the Egyptians. In Shosha, Agricultural Research and Experiment Center (Minia University), 38 Km north-west of El-Minia city, it is 1000 faddan (about 250 hectares) growing most crops and animal husbandry and with different modern techniques of watering and reclaiming desert lands.
FT3 Etsa The Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services (CEOSS) is an Egyptian Christian development organization headquartered in Cairo, Egypt ( A private voluntary organization dedicated to social and cultural development, individual well-being, social justice and inter-cultural harmony. It delivers its services regardless of gender, race, religion or beliefs. Etsa center is one of activists’ center in Egypt, lies in Etsa village, 18 km north of El-Minia city, many agricultural activities well be observed with visiting of some Egyptian typical villages.
FT4 New El Minia Urban Development and its new communities. It is one of the symbols of comprehensive and sustainable development in Egypt. New El-Minia city is new and beautiful, well built modern city, in East bank of the Nile and it is industrial area, 12 Km south of El-Minia (the old city). Among the leading local industries are food processing, ginning and spinning of cotton, perfumes, oils and fats, agricultural waste recycling.
FT5 Mallawi Mallawi is the second biggest city in El-Minia Governorate, 48 km south of El-Minia city, Mallawi lies on the west bank of the Nile. In spite of its rapid industrial development the town has preserved much of its old rural character. Mallawi Agricultural Research Station belongs to Agriculture Research Center (Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation), with different crops production and breeding programs esp. sugar cane, cotton, beans, soya beans, garlic, onions, vegetables of various sorts, tomatoes, potatoes, watermelons, date palm, and grapes.

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