Dear colleagues ,
    On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it gives us great pleasure to thank you for visiting this website and to extend a warm invitation to you to participate in the 3rd Minia International Conference for Agriculture and Irrigation in the Nile Basin Countries to be held in El-Minia, Egypt, 17th to 19th March 2019.
The theme of the conference highlights the desire of the committee to bring together experts from a variety of fields to further knowledge and research in Agriculture and Irrigation. In addition to keynote addresses and symposia given by invited overseas and African speakers, individuals are invited to submit papers for presentation as talks in concurrent sessions, or as posters.

There will also be ample time for discussion at various workshops. For you convenience, during the days that you will be with us in the 3rd Minia International Conference for Agriculture and Irrigation in the Nile Basin Countries, the city of El-Minia offers excellent leisure options and comfortable hotels at reasonable prices (biased the Minia University Hotel) , what assures a pleasant stay for our visitors.

The Organizing Committee and El-Minia city will do everything they can so that this conference is profitable, pleasant, and that its participants positively remember it. The success of the conference, however, strongly depends on your contribution and those of other participants. Welcome to Egypt to El-Minia governorate, to El-Minia city (bride of upper Egypt) and to our the 3rd Minia International Conference for Agriculture and Irrigation in the Nile Basin Countries!

Prof. Mustafa Abdel Nabi Abdel Rahman Prof. Adel Abd Allah Abdel Ghani
President of Minia University, El-Minia, Egypt Conference Chairman Dean of Faculty of Agriculture, Minia University Conference Secretary

Conference Topics and Symposia

The general topics to be covered at the conference include Agriculture and Irrigation:

1- Agriculture

• Agricultural chemistry
• Agricultural economics
• Agricultural microbiology
• Agricultural wastes recycling
• Agronomy
• Aquaculture
• Biodiversity and natural resources management
• Climate changes and agriculture
• Crop genetics and biotechnology
• Crop improvement and physiology

• Crop protection
• Environmental sciences
• Food and dairy science
• Horticulture
• livestock production
• Organic farming systems
• Post harvest handling and food sciences
• Risk management in agriculture
• Rural socio-economics and agricultural extension and education
• Soils and agricultural engineering sciences
• Water sciences

2- Irrigation

• Hydrology and land use
• Irrigation and drainage technologies
• Efficient use of water
• Water resources management
• Flood studies
• Ecological and environmental impact
• Erosion and sediment transport
• Watershed modeling
• Hydrological modeling
• GIS and remote sensing applications
• Eco-hydraulics
• River restoration and rehabilitation

• Hydropower production
• River and watershed management
• Water quality issues
• Trans-boundary river issues
• Estuaries and deltas
• Stability and failure of hydraulic structure
• Maintenance and rehabilitation of hydraulic structure
• Changing climate
• Droughts and desertification
• Water and health
• Socio-economic and political issues

The 3rd Minia International Conference for Agriculture and Irrigation in the Nile Basin Countries,
17th to 19th March 2019, El-Minia, Egypt

Under the Patronage of

H. E. Prof. Dr. Khaled Abdelghaffar
Minister of Higher Education and State for Scientific Research

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Abdel Nabi Abdel Rahman
President of Minia University

Conference Vice-Chairman

Prof. Dr. A. M. Mohi eddin
Vice President for post-graduate studies and researches Affairs

Prof. Dr. M. G. Hassan
Vice President for Community Services and Environment Development Affairs


Faculty of Agriculture, Minia University, Egypt

Conference Language

English and Arabic are the official languages of the conference. No simultaneous translation service will be provided in scientific sessions. All presentations, including discussions and submitted materials, must be in English or Arabic (with Arabic or English or French abstract," in language other than which wrote the full paper").


Minia University Center for Arts and Letters, Minia University Campus, El-Minia, Egypt.

Timeframe and Deadlines

07 November 2018: First announcement and call for abstracts and papers
20 December 2018: Second and Final announcement (online at http://www.fdc.minia.edu.eg/)
31 January 2019: Deadline for receiving abstracts.
31 March 2019: Deadline for receiving complete papers.
01 January 2018 - 31 March 2019: Paper review and mailing to authors.
01 June 2019: Deadline for receiving corrected versions of papers from authors.
01 June - 31 July 2019: Typesetting and production of proceedings CD.
17th – 19th March 2019: Activity of The 3rd Minia International Conference for Agriculture and Irrigation in the Nile Basin Countries.